Thynk Software passion and knowledge for Finance has led to the development of an all-in-one wealth management system; Tonic which also comes in distinct modules.

One of the early adopters of Tonic – specifically the KYC, GDPR, Portfolio Management and Fund Administration modules, is GlobalCapital plc. GlobalCapital entered into an agreement with Thynk Software with the aim of transforming into the next generation digital financial services company.

The first two projects were the implementation of the KYC and GDPR modules. These two modules aimed towards enhancing efficiency and user experience together with automating the compliance processes to reduce operational cost and human intervention while ensuring that GlobalCapital are compliant with regulations. By leveraging the Tonic Platform, GlobalCapital can automate most of their compliance tasks and ensure that all steps are thoroughly audited.

Additionally, Thynk Software also implemented a TII portal which adheres to GDPR regulations and which additionally facilitates the entire sales process. Through this portal management can have a 360 view of all sales activity and ensure that such processes are adhering to company privacy policies.

The success of these projects is reaping fruitful results through the consolidation of data in one centralized portal, less human intervention and operational efficiency.