Thynk Software has been working with diverse industries, and last year, for the first time, it also had the opportunity to collaborate with a company within the Energy sector. Atlantic Energy (AE), a supplier of energy in the USA, reached out to Thynk Software to digitalize one of their core functions.

Operating within a very competitive market, where the core business is depending on talent within sales, a highly volatile talent, AE has full-time recruiters who are constantly attracting and assessing prospective Sales Reps. This process was mainly being handled offline with not trace and monitoring during different stages. Thynk Software digitalized the whole cycle by:

  • Developing recruiters dashboards to monitor KPIs
  • Automated compensations to recruiters based on the data generated from the portal
  • Real-time Sales monitor dashboards together with historic KPIs
        (through data integration from a number of providers)
  • Tools for sales reps to manage their own marketing campaigns
  • iPad App from which sales rep can create new contracts
  • Licensees (a group of sales reps) monitoring tools and management

Thynk Software is honored to receive positive feedback from AE that the provided solution is now enabling AE to fully manage their recruitment and sales process digitally, while also keeping track at any stage of the process by collecting real-time data. All this data is now proven to have enhanced AE business and increased operational efficiency while decreasing its cost.