In a world where health and fitness are constantly being promoted, as one would expect, so are the diverse digital means.  Thynk Software’s team is delighted to have partnered with Brad Davidson, an author, speaker and performance coach who is well known in the USA; to revamp, redesign and rewrite his digital product – EatSleepRecover (ESR).

ESR is a customized health, lifestyle & supplement plan app in the USA for which Thynk Software was entrusted to develop an easy and clean user experience together with the provision of a fully configurable back-office system. With all the changes happening in the health and fitness world, and with Brad’s ongoing developments within his own program, it was crucial to have a system which can be managed and updated without any technical intervention. 

Leveraging our own IP, Genesis in a new industry enabled Thynk to deliver the desired solution in just 6 weeks and yet with all the desired deliverables:

  • Online onboarding
  • Personalized user dashboard
  • Progress Tracking
  • Chat Support
  • A continuously changing personalized health plans
  • Online check-in surveys

The best part of this project was Thynk’s team got access to all secret health and fitness plans for free! Check them out yourself and enroll on a Health Plan which is designed to improve sleep, boost mental clarity, enhance mood, sustain energy, and give you the confidence you’ve always wanted.