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At Thynk we employ 3 main practices



Quality Assurance

We partner with Enterprises and Start ups and build software solutions that bring value to their clients

We love code and use this passion to fuel our daily work

We are experts in building large scale IP and awesome UX

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A word from our founder

As the Thynk Software Founder, Marlon is our visionary force - an entrepreneur with a deep love for engineering and an energetic creative streak.

Marlon brings a vast experience from both Software Consultancy and Product Development. He is a techie and lives for technology however he is also very passionate towards business development, a geek in a suit if you will!

In a time when User Experience was never given the importance it deserved, Marlon was adamant on finding the right platform to deliver rich user interfaces for clients. In fact he was involved with the Microsoft team when they first started building out Windows Presentation Foundation. From there he started blogging on the technology and became an MVP and an active member in the online technology community. He worked with various clients consulting on applications ranging from FX Trading platforms to large scale government documents systems. Always looking at new ways how to execute and deliver projects, Marlon spent his days studying and experimenting with a range of methods such as SCRUM, XP, KANBAN and Lean. As he would tell you “there is no silver bullet” he then leverages his knowledge to always take calculated decisions and eliminate waste.

Passionate about products and craving to do more with start-ups, Marlon founded Thynk Software to be able to partner with others like him and deliver products that can help consumers’ everyday lives.

Marlon Grech

Founder of Thynk Software

Latest recruits

Mario Abela

Creative Director

Attila Albert

Technical Designer

Andrew Camilleri

Web Developer